Transport Polska - Irlandia - Polska

Our services

We operate a regular weekly transport line. POLAND-IRELAND-POLAND

We provide transport service loads, full truck load (FTL) as well as general cargo, LTL ( less than truckload).

single pallets

oversized loads

spatial loads

cars, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, excavators, tractors

door to door removals

courier services

We provide full involvement of our employees in transport orders entrusted to us.

Constant GPS monitoring of loads and vehicles ensures safety at every stage of the transport order.

In our services we are very flexible and all solutions are created individually for each client. We treat each order as a challenge and we approach it with the greatest care. Thanks to the management of an extensive fleet of cars, each transport process is fully planned and supervised in order to provide services of the highest quality. We are able to transport various types of vehicles: tarpaulins, curtains, isotherms, jumbo and others with load capacity from 1.5 to 24 tons.

Full truck load transport of goods

Our main offer is full truck transport. We transport any type of goods, except perishable, dangerous goods (ADR). The entire transport area of the 13.6m trailer is fully usable by the customer.

Transport of small loads - loading

In addition to full truck loads, we also specialize in the transport of smaller goods on a loading basis. By determining the exact dimensions of the shipment, we adjust it to the free loading space of the vehicle moving in a given relation.

Transportation of machinery

We provide services in the field of transport of construction machines, agricultural machines and other industrial machines. We offer transport of equipment such as excavators, loaders, backhoe loaders, bulldozers, dumpers, agricultural tractors, presses, trailers, concrete mixers, forklifts, etc. We also provide transport services for the construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other industrial machinery.

Transportation of cars

We transport all types of passenger cars (off-road, vans, etc.), vans (buses, vans, etc.). We enable the transport of several vehicles at the same time (full truck), or individually (on the principle of loading).